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Thursday, May 14


B1-1: The Big (little) Diff: Writing for Digital | generously sponsored by

The digital realm is different in key ways. It can move and speak (video can deliver donors to the front lines). It's action-oriented: people LOVE to click; they seldom read.

As giving increasingly shifts online, what are today's best practices in an ever- evolving world? Turns out: old school. Offers. Great headlines. Donor-centricity. The same skills you needed for print.

Covered in the session: the real purpose of email (it's not reading); how to write subject lines that grab higher
opening rates; building a "family of purpose" (a movement) online through social media; warm vs. cold website giving pages; choosing content for Facebook posts; and why you need "sad" to sell "hope" ... and how to find "your special sad."

This overview of writing examines how a small animal welfare charity in Bangkok, Thailand, can now raise $350,000 every month in donations from American women 45 and older ... using Facebook alone. (Maybe you can do it, too!)

avatar for Tom Ahern

Tom Ahern

Award-winning Copywriter & Journalist, Ahern Donor Communications, Ink.
In 2016, the New York Times called Tom Ahern "one of America’s most sought-after creators of fund-raising messages." His specialty? Using discoveries in psychology and neuroscience to turn underperforming donor communications into moneymakers. He's authored six books on donor communications... Read More →

Thursday May 14, 2020 10:15am - 11:15am
Okanagan Room


B1-2: It’s not all about you: Breaking down silos to make your organization more donor-centric | generously sponsored by

Donors today have more choice than ever. From an endless number of choices on Netflix and Amazon, to a seemingly endless number of charities which they could support. Yet, many non-profit organizations still seem intent on flagging donors for certain programs, and putting up silos between different departments/channels. This does not create the ideal donor experience, and can lead to them supporting another cause (or just buying that thing on Amazon they were debating).

Join Jas and Ryan as they help you break down silos in your organization and grow all areas of your fundraising program. They’ll provide you with specific strategies to improve your fundraising integration through your events, annual giving, online, monthly, and legacy giving programs.

avatar for Ryan Garnett, CFRE

Ryan Garnett, CFRE

Head of Integrated Marketing, Harvey McKinnon Associates
Ryan is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) with more than 10 years of experience helping non-profits raise more money for their causes. At Harvey McKinnon Associates, he’s the Head of Integrated Marketing and helps clients develop strategies for integrating their efforts through... Read More →
avatar for Jas Jhooty

Jas Jhooty

Associate Director, Annual Giving Programs, BC Children's Hospital Foundation
Jas has extensive marketing and fundraising experience. As Associate Director, Annual Giving Programs at BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (BCCHF), Jas leads the business development, strategic direction, and evaluation of various fund development portfolios that raise over $10... Read More →

Thursday May 14, 2020 10:15am - 11:15am
Okanagan Room


B2-2: Small Towns, Big Hearts & Big Cheques: A Primer on Rural Fundraising | generously sponsored by

With 1 in 5 Canadians living in a rural setting, this donor base represents a huge potential new funding source for charities of all sizes. For these donors, philanthropic values and social challenges in small towns can differ drastically from big city settings.

In this session we will look at how industry trends and best-practices can be tailored for success connecting with rural donors, for both small and large fundraising organizations. We will examine key differences in rural vs urban fundraising, and how fundraisers can connect with the heart of the small town donor.

avatar for Malcolm Radke, CFRE

Malcolm Radke, CFRE

Chief Executive Officer, Lloydminster Region Health Foundation
Malcolm Radke (CFRE, B. Comm) is the CEO of the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation, a rural bi-provincial foundation that annually raises approx. $1.8 Mil to support eight healthcare facilities serving 72,000 people across the region. In his spare time, Malcolm also volunteers... Read More →

Thursday May 14, 2020 11:20am - 12:20pm
Okanagan Room


B2-3: Shot to the Heart: you can give love a good name | generously sponsored by

If there’s one thing the 2016 US presidential election taught us, it’s that emotion trumps reason.

Come to this session and learn how you can employ emotional storytelling to connect with your donors and inspire them to become a hero for their community, their country and the planet.

Leave this session armed with creative new ideas you can immediately apply to your fundraising program to inspire more people to make gifts and become loyal donors.

Focus field of fundraising:
Communications/Marketing, Direct Response, Stewardship
Learning outcomes (*)
Uncover your organisation’s stories
Learn creative ways to use your organisation’s stories
Learn how to use emotional language to inspire donors to take action
Learn why negative emotions trump positive, feel-good stories

avatar for David Kravinchuk

David Kravinchuk

Philanthropy Firebrand, The Common Good
Your WCFC2019 Conference Host firmly believes philanthropy’s power belongs to all people and not just the world’s wealthiest. He created The Common Good fundraising agency to help charities and nonprofits of all sizes to empower donors of modest means to experience self-fulfillment... Read More →

Thursday May 14, 2020 11:20am - 12:20pm
Horizon North


B3-1: Gen X: The Missing Middle | generously sponsored by

The last article you read about generational differences in giving probably mentioned Boomers and Millennials—and said nothing about Gen X. But in a few years Gen X will be the new Boomers. Soon, we’ll have to start tailoring our campaigns—our language, our images, our call-to-action—to speak to things GenXers care about, and not their parents. What are the differences in what appeals to Gen X, and what doesn’t? What channels does Gen X prefer, and how do they give? How can you position your charity and your asks to be ready for this change in generational patterns? Get ready for the new Boomers with this in-depth review plus tactics you can start using today.

Learning outcomes:
-understanding of Gen X patterns and difference in giving
-how to tailor fundraising to Gen X preferences
-how to prepare for the new wave of Gen X donors

avatar for Chris Carter

Chris Carter

CEO, Candela Strategies

Thursday May 14, 2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Okanagan Room


B3-3: Goodbye e-blasts, hello personalized emails | generously sponsored by

Let’s face it, no one wants more emails in their inbox.

But as a fundraiser who understands the importance of digital prospects for your annual or monthly giving program, you know that emails are critical for cultivation and stewardship. There’s pressure from the top to continue growing your email revenue in a highly competitive online space. Deep down, you know that a monthly e-newsletter just won’t cut it anymore — but you’re not quite sure how to keep your donors clicking, reading and giving.

Fortunately, there are savvy charities in your midst that are taking steps to update their branded templates, formal narrative structure and impersonal calls to action — and seeing great results.
This session will showcase easy-to-implement changes you can make to your email strategy tomorrow, including new template formats, updated authentication practices, alternative narrative formats, and quick A/B tests to further improve email performance.

Learning outcomes
  • -  Understand why branded templates and impersonal tones of voice distract from the core elements of your email communications.
  • -  Learn how to avoid that dreaded ‘unsubscribe’ by making changes to your email template, subject line selection, tone of voice and sender name.
  • -  Explore how writing emails from a real sender — complete with their unique personality quirks, organizational priorities and puns — can improve email open and click-through rates.
  • -  Walk away with practical email tips, tricks and tests you can use to improve email results for all your advocacy, engagement and fundraising email needs.

avatar for Whitney Brown

Whitney Brown

Digital Director, Public Outreach Group
Whitney is an experienced digital strategist and fundraiser with expertise in political and issue-based digital campaigning.As Digital Director at Public Outreach, Whitney is responsible for building and executing multi-channel engagement campaigns that generate new leads for organizations... Read More →

Thursday May 14, 2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Horizon North


B4-1: Using the magic of data to deepen donor relationships | generously sponsored by

Join Allen to learn about terrific tools available to orgainzations of every size to analyze your donor's behaviour and deepen relationships.

You'll return to the office ready to set a course for the best relationship outcomes and maximizing the opportunities with all your supporters.


-How even small shops can use analytics to improve donor relations
-How analytics can help retain new donors
-How data can help you develop a stewardship plan

avatar for Allen Davidov

Allen Davidov

Vice President of Business Consulting and NFP Practice Lead, Environics Analytics
Allen Davidov, MBA, CM. is Vice President of Business Consulting and NFP Practice Lead at Environics Analytics. With nearly twenty years of experience, he is responsible for helping charities and foundations apply EA’s products and services to attract and retain donors, corporate... Read More →

Thursday May 14, 2020 3:20pm - 4:20pm
Okanagan Room


B4-2: The Power of the Personal | generously sponsored by

Jennifer is a of virtuoso of relationship building.  And she wields the principles of donor relationship fundraising like the conductor of the London Philharmonic wields her baton.

Join this session to get her top tips and tricks anyone can use to raise more money.

- how to deploy volunteers to up your game with mid-level donors
-why making connections with your frontline staff is a long-term investment with exponential dividends
-how to cleverly make your stewardship pieces completely focussed on donors, even on a shoestring
-why personal is always better than professional

avatar for Jennifer R. Collins

Jennifer R. Collins

Special Projects Officer, Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation
After graduating from Queen’s University (BA in English Literature and an Honours BA in Classical Studies), Jennifer began her career at the Anglican Diocese of Toronto before moving to the Canadian Film Centre as the Managing Director, Worldwide Short Film Festival.For the next... Read More →

Thursday May 14, 2020 3:20pm - 4:20pm
Vintage Room